Burger of the Month

The Big Dill

If you like pickles, you’re going to want to shove your face into this burger…..

Pickle your fancy with 2 dollops of our tangy housemade dill dip, Sylvan Star Cheese Dill Gouda, thick slices of dill pickles, hot fried pickle chips and strips of bacon piled on a hand pressed sirloin burger all on a bed of artisan lettuce sandwiched between 2 buttered brioche buns. 
Phew, what a long and dillicious sentence. 
Who are we supporting?
Fostering Hope a small group of dedicated individuals looking to improve animal welfare across Canada. Having worked in various facets of animal rescue in the past, including fostering, adoptions, fundraising, active rescue and more, they see the need for intake of animals needing help. They are a registered charity, meaning any funds raised go right back into the organization for vet bills, food and supplies. 
They are 100% volunteer based with a goal to provide care for any animal needing it, from intake to adoption, giving them a second chance at a life full of love!
The organization is completely foster home based and they rely on people like you! You can help support us by signing up to provide a temporary home until adoption.
Fostering is:
* Totally Free! They provide all the supplies needed while the animal is in your care.
* Supportive! They offer continuous staff support, veterinary care, training tips, and a private group for you to share your experiences.
* Heartwarming! You will have the chance to provide a meaningful difference in an animals life.
* Fun! It is full of smiles and laugher as you watch an animal learn and grow. Fostering also allows you and your family the chance to see if an animal (or a 2nd) is right for you!
Don’t dilly dally- get in here for a dillightful meal supporting an incredible cause. 
We will donate $2 for every Big Dill pickle burger sold in February.