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Burger of the Month

The MAUI Burger

Meet the Thebeau’s- a family of 4 living here in Sylvan Lake, Alberta. They have recently been affected by having both of their children diagnosed with an ultra rare disease called Mitochondrial Disease. Their priority is to create more awareness for this disease in the hopes that one day there will be a cure. For more information and awareness on their journey, please feel free to like, follow and share their Facebook page @navigatingnixon+aria

What Is Mitochondrial Disease?

When mitochondria cannot convert food and oxygen into life-sustaining energy, cell injury and even cell death follow. When this process is repeated throughout the body, organ systems begin to fail and even stop functioning.

Current Symptoms: Progressive myoclonic epilepsy, ataxia (the presence of abnormal, uncoordinated movements) & Dysphagia (difficulty swallowing)

Prognosis is unknown but limited literature says all cases are life limiting with progressive deterioration. They are followed by neurology, ophthalmology, physical and occupation therapy, social work and genetics specialist specific to mitochondrial disorders. Intensive interdisciplinary rehabilitation and adaptive equipment and modifications will be needed to address associated functional impairments.

Nixon + Aria have been the most courageous, adaptive super heroes. 

We are helping to raise awareness for the month of February on behalf of the Thebeau family about Mitochondrial Disease and donating $2 from every burger sold to help their family.

The Maui Burger

Juicy crispy chicken tossed in a warm teriyaki sauce and placed on a bed of artisan lettuce. Sizzling bacon, melted mozza and a hand whipped sesame mayo all add to the flavour of this beauty……. of course we can’t forget the topper- a delicious slice of grilled pineapple. 

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